Change Your Habits, Change Your Life!

Give yourself 30 Days to change old habits and reward your life with new healthy habits.
Challenge begins January 1, 2020, and continues throughout the year.

During your 30-Day Challenge, practice any of our fitness classes from an invigorating Bikram Yoga class to a relaxing Restorative Rolling class. You pick the classes to meet your needs and stay on track.

Reward yourself daily with a sticker on your sticker chart, and at the end of your challenge, we will receive a 30-Day Challenge Tee Shirt. Picture included for bragging rights!

Ready to change your life and join our 30-Day Challenge? 


$15 fee includes a challenge tee shirt and a sticker chart  to keep track of your progress.

Ready to change your life and join our 30-Day Challenge? Sign up at Brick Canvas Fitness.