From a desire to an idea to a reality—a place of beauty, wellness, relaxation, and celebration is born.


The idea of Brick Canvas began when owner Shelli Gardner, who resides in beautiful Utah County, found herself driving more than she wanted to for Bikram Yoga classes, spa treatments, and salon care. She longed for a convenient yet quiet place off the busy path—a single stop where her various needs could be met. An idea began to take shape…

Utah needed a central location where those in Salt Lake and Utah counties could go to care for themselves—a home away from home where all would feel comfortable, relaxed, and welcome!

The idea didn’t become a reality overnight. Much thought and planning went into every detail, including the name. Brick Canvas. Two words symbolizing strength and opportunity. A place where guests can strengthen their own foundations in ways unique to their needs and desires.

Brick by brick, each detail fell into place until it was time to open our doors in 2012. Today, Brick Canvas houses several studios, as well as a beautiful event space hosting community wellness classes. The result: a happy, welcoming community for employees and guests. Come enjoy a class, a treatment or service, a little shopping, or a healthy and delicious meal. Better yet, combine our offerings and spend an entire day here—a reality made convenient at Brick Canvas.

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