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Brick Canvas
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Date & Time: May 10th | 1:30-3 PM

Location: Brick Canvas, Haven Studio

Price: Free Community Class

Instructor: Lisa Brown

Alignment Vinyasa Workshop

with Lisa

Alignment Vinyasa Hip Opener Workshop

When it comes to hips, humans tend to carry a lot of tension. Therefore, taking some time to do deep work is necessary and beneficial. Though it may not feel great while doing it, the after-effects are blissful! This workshop aims to release the tension that one carries around all the time. Some of the benefits include better sleep, decreased tension and stress, better posture, and lower back pain relief, to name a few.

By emphasizing the Universal Principles of Alignment, we will take you step by step towards a more balanced and relaxed you! This workshop will include a fair amount of lectures and interactive demonstrations. So, feel free to bring your questions, and we will address them.

Lisa Brown


Alignment Vinyasa

Alignment Vinyasa is a yoga practice that emphasizes proper alignment and breath-synchronized movements. This style of yoga aims to create balance in the body by focusing on alignment principles, which help to prevent injuries and improve posture. Vinyasa, on the other hand, involves linking breath to movement, creating a flow-like sequence that allows for a dynamic and energizing practice. The combination of alignment and Vinyasa creates a challenging yet accessible practice suitable for all levels of practitioners. Alignment Vinyasa is an excellent way to strengthen the body, quiet the mind, and find inner balance.

Instructor Lisa Brown has been lucky enough to study with many world-class yogis and has taught yoga for 25 years.  In addition, she is a Registered Nurse with 30 years of experience and has specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

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