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Brick Canvas

Discover Wellness with our NEW All Access Membership!

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Hot Yoga & Fitness
Open Gym
Reformer Pilates

Monthly 60-Minute Spa Treatment
(Massage, Facial, or Stretch Therapy)

Current members, don't miss out! Sign-up in person today.

All Access Membership


The Best of Brick Canvas

The Best of

Brick Canvas!

ALL the things—ALL for you!


per month

intro-only rate

with January



Q. Can portions of this membership be shared with family members/friends?

A. No, All Access Memberships are non transferable.

Q. Can household members get an additional discount if they purchase an All Access Membership also?

A. No, with this exceptional PROMO price, we know your household will agree that they should sign up too!

Q. Will this $200 PROMO membership rate expire?

A. All Access PROMO Memberships purchased in January 2024 in good standing have NO EXPIRATION. A one time, one month hold can be utilized on this membership plan per year. Missed payments automatically forfeit the PROMO rate and default to $275 per month.

Q. What if I don’t use my spa service during the month?

A. You have up to 6 months to use any unused spa credits on your membership.

Q. How long will this $200 All Access PROMO Membership rate be available?

A. This exclusive, best ever, one time only, don’t miss it, sign up now rate is available January 2024 ONLY! The standard All Access Membership monthly rate of $275 starts February 1, 2024.

Q. What services does the 60-minute monthly spa treatment include?

A. Your choice of a massage, facial or stretch therapy. Membership discounts are available on deluxe services.

Q. Does the All Access Membership also include Brick Canvas member perks?

A. Yes! Member perks apply to all Brick Canvas memberships. (Link for details)

Q. Are there any limits to Fitness or Reformer Pilates class sign ups?

A. No limits on class sign ups! Members can sign up for any class up to 7 days in advance. We hope you try new things and enjoy all Brick Canvas has to offer!

Q. What if I miss a class I signed up for?

A. A NO SHOW fee of $10 will be automatically charged to your account for missed classes. Be sure to cancel in advance!

Q. What if I’m not able to make it to a spa appointment I scheduled?

A. Appointments canceled within 24 hours of the scheduled service will be automatically charged 50% of the service cost. NO SHOWS will forfeit their spa credit for the month or be charged 100% of the service cost.

Q. Is there an annual ALL ACCESS Membership option?

A. While you are welcome to make a one-time payment of the 12 monthly rate total, there is no additional discount.

Q. If I already have a spa or fitness membership, can I switch to the ALL ACCESS Membership in January?

A. Yes! Please email and our Membership Coordinator will be able to assist you via email.

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