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Private Group


Are you ready to create unforgettable moments with your group? Look no further than our Private Group Classes—a perfect way to foster connection and create lasting memories.

Elevate Your Group Experience with Private Classes

Whether it's sound therapy, tranquil meditation, or invigorating yoga, we'll pinpoint your group's objectives and suggest the perfect approach to achieve them.

Classes can be tailor-made to match your unique business needs, with durations ranging from 30 to 90 minutes

Private Group Classes

Team Building & Work Events: Strengthen bonds and boost productivity with tailored classes that bring your team closer together. Whether it's a corporate workshop or a team-building retreat, we've got you covered.

Party Perfection: Celebrate special occasions in style! Birthdays, bachelorettes, or just a reason to gather—it's always a party when you're surrounded by friends. Customize your class to make it an event to remember.

The Ultimate Setting: Our studio is your sanctuary. With ambient lighting and breathtaking views, it's a space designed for serenity and inspiration. We can comfortably host up to 60 people.

Tailored to You: Your goals are our mission. Whether you seek sound therapy's soothing embrace, the zen of meditation, or the revitalizing energy of yoga, we'll curate the perfect class to meet your needs.

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