Shamanic Breathwork

Taught by Kathleen House & Ruston Jones

Shamanic Breathwork: Journeying beyond the Limits of the Self


Join us to explore Shamanic Breathwork, also referred to as Connected, Whole-Breathing and Re-birthing practice! It is a sacred, circular breathing technique that naturally releases stagnant emotions, old ways of thinking and unhealthy repetitive patterns. This practice releases tension in the body, oxygenates the blood, awakens dormant DNA and employs naturally occurring DMT in the lungs. Shamanic breathwork offers up deep healing by shifting into a state of pure energetic FLOW! Activating awareness of the DIVINE INTELLIGENCE WITHIN is manifest through the power of the BREATH.

Bring your mat, a favorite blanket or 2, eye pillow, any plant or stone allies and get ready to step into the portal and energy of Spiritual INITIATION!


Date: November 12, 2022

Time: 7:00-8:30 PM

​Tickets: $20 per ticket

Location: Saratoga Room

Register: Online or call 801-407-8620




Ruston was raised in New Mexico where he developed a love of photography and the natural world. After graduating from college in Utah, he stayed to pursue his career in video and photography. Ruston is also a group fitness and vinyasa yoga teacher at Brick Canvas. He is passionate about meditation and mindfulness and believes that it can be beneficial to anyone.

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