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Offering different types of yoga including Dharma and Vinyasa Flow without heat to practice yoga as a composition. The mental and physical benefits as you are working different muscles with different poses, reenergizing the body, relaxing the chatter of the mind, and releasing any blockage of energy flow in our bodies.

Level 1 Hot Vinyasa (Wednesday evening)—

In our Level 1 Vinyasa class, the main focus is the breath and intelligent movement. In these classes expect to learn the basic mechanics of Sun Salutations. Learn to connect with your breath as you move, engage the core for stability in postures, as well as connect with a sense of inner peace on your mat. Teachers may include functional mobility drills and simple arm balances in this specific class. You will build a fantastic foundation for your Vinyasa practice in this class.

Music is played in this class.

Level 2 Hot Vinyasa (Monday evening)-

In our Level 2 Vinyasa class, we utilize the foundation set in our Level 1 Vinyasa classes. The breath and linking the breath to our movement is still the foundation of our practice, but we move a little quicker and begin to add options to the postures we take. Teachers may include safe techniques and drills for inversion postures (going upside down) as well as more intelligent, yet creative transitions between each pose. You will build a newfound creativity to your Vinyasa practice in this class.

Music is played in this class.


Bring to class: a water bottle and your yoga mat. Yoga mat and towel rentals available for $2.50 each.
Wear lightweight, form-fitting clothes. No shoes!
No personal belongings are allowed in the studio. Please leave car keys, cell phones, etc., in the secured lockers in the changing room.