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Yoga Shred

Yoga Shred is a fun, high-calorie workout that blends classic vinyasa yoga with Tabata bursts called SHREDS. The format for this class is 15-15-15-15. In the first 15 minutes, we’ll spend warming up and bringing heat and energy to the body through vinyasa yoga asanas. The second set of 15 minutes is the weighted series. Here, we use light weights, high reps, and movement to create a total fat burner sculpt. The third set is SHREDS. These shreds are 20-30 second bursts of movement, built around asanas, which are then followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is where the high-calorie burn takes place. The final 15 minutes is the cooldown where we stretch out and cool down the body, letting the heart rate come back down and recovery to take place. You’ll fall in love with this multi-purpose workout. You’ll strengthen, lengthen, burn calories and fat, and optimize cardio health all in one hour. Come check it out!


Please bring water and your yoga mat (also available at the studio for rent or purchase). Wear lightweight, form-fitting clothes.