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Healing Drum 

and Voice Circle


What happens when we combine the rhythmic energy of the drum with the healing expression of your own voice? June 23rd at 7:00pm we will find out together. Melonie Cannon of Moonstone Drums and Cytel Shultz of Sing Your Soul collaborate on a unique evening of teaching how to use the drum and voice to create a resonance that restores harmony physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Melonie will focus on drumming as sound medicine to create balance. Cytel is a musical intuitive that tunes in to people’s voices as they reveal what is needed to heal. Cytel teaches unique tools so your voice can have the power and impact you desire most. 

Please bring your authentic voice and we will provide frame drums and a safe, sacred space! 


Thursday, June 23

7-8:30 PM | $20


  • Cost: $20 per ticket

  • Attendance is limited

  • Location: Brick Canvas, Traverse Room

  • Accommodations: Chairs and drums will be provided

  • Register: At the Brick Canvas front desk, online or 801-407-8620

Drumming at Brick Canvas

Our Healing Drum Circle class at Brick Canvas is where people come together to experience transformative vibrations through sound that affect our emotional and physical bodies. Drum circles empower participants by celebrating community, life and healing, in a casual and collaborative setting.

Instructor Melonie Cannon

Melonie is the creative force behind Moonstone Drums and Meditations. After becoming a hypnotherapist and guided meditation teacher, she was drawn to sound healing and learning how vibrations affect the emotional and physical bodies. A new passion for drums and drum making arose in her after seeing amazing healing and connection through the rhythm of the frame drum. Drum circle is not just coming together and banging a stick to hide, it's about gathering to create sacred space and using the drum as a sacred tool for healing work. Melonie helps those who have never held a drum or those with a lot of experience tap into sound for their spiritual practice. She has an M.Ed., Ph.D. in Metaphysics and D.D. from a theological seminary. She loves guiding people through the world of sound and believes everyone should hold a drum in their hand.

IG: @_melonie.cannon_ FB: http://www.facebook.com/moonstonedrums