Four Guided Meditation Classes to Explore the Four Great Elements: Earth-Bhumi | Wind-Pavan | Fire-Agni | Water-Jala

Join us as we explore the four great elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water. Each dynamic force of nature combines to create the universe we inhabit and through which we seek balance.

Through guided meditation, each class will explore a different element and provide students with an enriching experience to better understand the harmonious relationship between the earth’s elements and our bodies.



Earth (or prithvi) is heavy, solid, stable and constant. Earth gives form to the human body and to all of creation.



Wind (or pavan) is movable, changeable and light. It can give flight to ideas or goals. Internally, picture the movement of your breath.



Fire (or tejas) is hot, light, intense, powerful and transformative. Think cognitive processes.



Water (or jala) is smooth, flowing, cool, movable, and can be solid. Both your body and the planet are roughly 70 percent water.

“As is the human body, so is the cosmic body. As is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind.”

Essentially, the human body is not separate from nature. They are intimately intertwined. When you open your heart and mind to this, you will find that Mother Nature has been patiently waiting for you to be still, listen and learn what you already know, but have only forgotten.


  • Cost: $15 PER CLASS

  • Location: Brick Canvas

  • Wear & Bring: Dress comfortably. Bring a mat, blanket, and/or pillow.

  • Register: At the Brick Canvas front desk, online, or 801-407-8620.


Tuesday, March 30

8-8:45 PM


Instructor Kendra Brown

Kendra has always had a passion for the mind-body connection and loves helping others connect to their higher selves through meditation and reflection. She uses meditation in her daily life to not only navigate through her own challenges, but to also guide her children through the trials they encounter. Meditatio