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Examples of Partnerships include Sound Baths, Healing Drum Circles, Workshops, and more!

At Brick Canvas, most of our events are collaborative partnerships where we take care of all the details to ensure a fantastic experience for attendees.

  • Access to our beautiful and spacious studio

  • Tables, chairs, and linens

  • Yoga mats, bolsters, and blankets (Subject to availability)

  • Speaker/HDMI/Projector

  • Ticket handling and processing

  • An Event Host to assist with setup, teardown, guest check-in, and any event-related needs.

Included Amenities:

Partnership Events

  • Professional Photoshoot: 5-8 high-quality photos for event promotion

  • Dedicated Graphic Designer

  • 1-2 Social Media Posts & Stories

  • Unlimited Instagram Story Reposts

  • Inclusion in Brick Canvas Event Emails

  • Posters prominently displayed in our studios

Marketing Package

Partnership Events

  • Instructors must actively promote the event on their social media platforms.

  • For Partnership events, instructors receive compensation consisting of a fixed base rate and a percentage of ticket sales determined by Brick Canvas. Rates are determined based on factors like experience, social media influence, community involvement, and marketing capabilities.

  • Event ticket prices are set by Brick Canvas, taking into account the event's value and offerings.

Instructor Requirements & Compensation:

Partnership Events

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