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Brick Canvas


Brick Canvas partners with individuals and other brands on a variety of events such as Sound Baths, Drum Circles, Retreats, Yoga Teacher Trainings, and more!

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Event Types

We offer full partnerships, studio rentals, and brand collaborations.


Let us help find the best option for you!


Perfect for instructors new to hosting events or individuals seeking to hold a class or workshop at Brick Canvas without the burden of managing all the intricacies. Let us handle the logistics for you!

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If you've got all the event specifics nailed down and simply require a venue, our Studio Rental service is tailored for you. It's an ideal choice for private group classes, yoga teacher trainings, and more.

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We're passionate about promoting fellow local businesses! Partnering with nearby brands not only allows us to provide more to our audience but also contributes to the growth of other brands. Let's collaborate and expand together!

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