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Brick Canvas

Date & Time: Thursday, October 12th | 7-8:30PM

Location: Loft at Brick Canvas

Price: $25 per person or $40 for 2

Instructor: Melonie Cannon

Feel free to bring any comfort items such as a flat pillow, bolster, mat, blanket, or anything else you need to relax and enjoy your breathwork session lying down.


We will provide frame drums and a safe, sacred space! No previous experience is necessary.

Healing Rhythms Drum Circle

Beat and Breathwork Journey

Join us in merging the power of conscious breathing with the ancestral resonance of drums, creating an environment of profound healing and transformation through the union of two primal rhythms.

Don't miss this transformative experience!

Melonie Cannon

Healing Drum Instructor

Please be aware that this event tends to sell out and we may not be able to accept walk-ins depending on how many drums we have available. Save your spot in advance!

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