30-MINUTE SESSION        $175

What is it? 

HOCATT stands for Hyperthermic Ozone Carbonic Acid Transdermal Technology. During treatment, ten different modalities are combined to provide a holistic approach to improved energy, endurance, strength and performance. While also promoting deep relaxation, anti-aging and restorative benefits, it most commonly resembles the experience of a steam sauna. During each 30-minute session, you will sit inside the HOCATT with your head exposed and an attendant present at all times. 


The HOCATT uses ten different wellness modalities, including:

Heat (whole body hyperthermia)

Steam Sauna

Transdermal Ozone

Carbonic Acid (co2)


A Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Fresh Oxygen

Photon Light Therapy

Essential Oil Infusions

High-frequency Pulsating Electromagnetic Field


Why do it?

The HOCATT DETOXES your body to the cellular level, STIMULATES & RESETS your immune system, and PROVIDES ENERGY for your body to heal.


Recommended frequency of Visits:

Varies for each person, but generally 1-3 sessions per week for 1-3 months, then once per week for another 1-3 months. Then once per month for maintenance.



Appointment FAQ’s


Q. How long is a HOCATT appointment?


  1. An actual HOCATT session is 30-minutes, but appointments are 60-minutes long to allow time for a quick consultation and changing in and out of a spa wrap. The first appointment is 1.5-hours long to accommodate for a more in-depth consultation and introduction to the HOCATT bed.

How to book:

Book online or call 801-407-8620 to schedule your HOCATT appointment today.