Meditation 101 with Ruston Jones | Brick Canvas

Meditation 101


Objective: To help students develop a consistent and effective home meditation practice.

Join us for a beginner's guide to help you use meditation to reduce stress and increase mindfulness.


This workshop is for anyone who has ever felt the desire to meditate, but did not know how to get started. It can also help those who have started a meditation practice, but have not been able to maintain it and wondered,

“Am I doing this right?”.


Meditation 101 will outline the incredible benefits of meditation in simple, easy to follow steps!

Step 1:     Explanation of the benefits of meditation: mental, emotional, and physical.
Step 2:     Definition and explanation of the basic terms often used in meditation.
Step 3:     Explanation of simple and repeatable steps used to build effective meditation practices.
Step 4:     Guided group practice.
Step 5:     Incorporating the benefits of meditation into daily life. Adjusting our point of view. Building mindfulness and joy.
Step 6:     Guided meditation to end the evening.


  • Thursday, February 25, 2022

  • Time: 7:00 PM

  • Cost: $25

  • Attendance is limited.

  • Register online, in-person at the Brick Canvas front desk or call us (801-407-8620).

  • Location: Brick Canvas


  • Bring a yoga mat and optional blanket and/or pillow.

  • Dress comfortably (attire appropriate for some light yoga stretching).

Meditation 101 with Ruston Jones _ Brick Canvas


Ruston was raised in New Mexico where he developed a love of photography and the natural world. After graduating from college in Utah, he stayed to pursue his career in video and photography. Ruston is also a group fitness and vinyasa yoga teacher at Brick Canvas. He is passionate about meditation and mindfulness and believes that it can be beneficial to anyone.