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Monday March 22, 7-8:30 PM



Intellectual Wellness: Mindful Self-Defense with Jeffery Jones

Intellectual Wellness

The concepts of mindfulness and self-protection go back a thousand years. In many ways, the mindful side of self-protection has been forgotten, but it is not lost. This block of instruction will focus on the Mind/Body/Spirit triad of protecting oneself or others that depend on you.

Topics discussed will include: mindset and reading threats, self defense tools you carry every day, and knowing your physical limits. You will learn to detect your attacker’s vulnerabilities and in-turn use them to your advantage. You also will better understand your capabilities and weaknesses, all while you learn to make spiritual preparations to defend what you choose to defend.

This instruction will include a lecture portion (Mind), meditation portion (Spirit) and physical instruction (Body).

Dress comfortably in fitness attire.
Bring a yoga mat & water bottle.
This class works best with a partner!

Jeffery Jones has served in many facets of Law Enforcement in his ongoing 29 year career. He has taught many forms of communication, conflict resolution, kinesics, body language, negotiations, pressure point control, self defense, firearms, brain function under stress, crisis Intervention, and his favorite topics, mindfulness and meditation.

Jeffery has spent much of the latter part of his career developing and implementing a combination of the linear side of reading kinesics and the free flowing circular patterns of mindfulness. This uncommon marriage of techniques has become a way of life for Jeffery. He has instructed it in many arenas, to include the corporate world, world class athletes, The Department of Defense, medical staff and, of course, Law Enforcement officers.

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