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Monday Feb 22, 7-8:30 PM



Physical Wellness: Candlelight Yoga with Crystal Zinn

Physical Wellness

Yoga is movement combined with meditation. Experience both mental and physical benefits as you work different muscles moving through various simple yoga poses. You will energize your body, quiet the chatter in your mind, and release any blockage of energy flow in your body.

The breath is the most important part of your yoga practice. At the beginning and end of this class we'll learn specific breathing exercises for energy, anxiety and depression as well as a meditation to manifest joy and abundance! Available to ALL LEVELS we'll practice a full body yoga flow that strengthens the major muscles of your body, stretches all the places that hold tension and aligns your spine. I'll also have essential oils you can use upon request and play the crystal singing bowls during final rest for sound therapy. Come and heal your mind and body!

Dress comfortably in fitness attire.
Bring a yoga mat & water bottle.

Crystal was first introduced to yoga after a spinal injury from a car accident in 2001. Not only was she able to rehab that injury and a few other injuries over the years to 100 percent recovery, but she found a lifeline in yoga with movement, mindfulness, observances and meditation that has held her during difficult times and healed trauma throughout her life.

Crystal has been teaching yoga and meditation for 15 years and is 500 ERYT Certified. She also teaches pilates, barre, fascia release, weight training, reiki, kundalini and nutrition.

Family is Crystal’s whole world and as they have endeavored to take on the huge and amazing fun task of homeschooling her 3 children this year she has been more intentional about how, when and what she teaches. Crystal has always loved nature, hiking, baking desserts, snowboarding, people & animals- especially horses, and has recently begun learning about plants and herbs.

“I believe in finding the joy in every experience and using it for my evolution. I believe in strong boundaries, karma, giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, and most of all love! Hope to see you on your mat!” - Crystal

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