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Friday April 2, 7-9 PM



Social Wellness: Cinnamon Roll Taste Test with Utah Taste Off

Social Wellness

Join us for a fun and interactive opportunity to socialize and indulge in local tasty treats with Utah Taste Off. Abi Ayres will host the evening.

Utah Taste Off started with the ambition to find the best sugar cookie in Utah. UTO founder, Kristy Stoner, invited friends to drive around the area and pick up all of the sugar cookies they could find. In proper Kristy fashion, she made it an official party with scoring sheets, a leader board and cute butcher paper placemats. With every bite, there was a discussion and discovery. Everyone loved the conversations and had so much fun finding new favorites and figuring out what they liked best. And so, Utah Taste Off was born.

Utah Taste Off is a big supporter of buying local. They only use local businesses in their Taste Off events to not only support, but to help introduce the public to as many amazing businesses as possible. They also love bringing family and friends closer through delicious food and great conversation to help everyone discover their local favorites!

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