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Monday March 8, 7-8:30 PM



Environmental Wellness: Recycling, Composting & Living Buildings with Erica McBride

Environmental Wellness

Learn about the operations and benefits of living buildings and the importance of environmentally friendly living! An eco-friendly gift bag filled with sustainable goodies included!

As an unwavering advocate for sustainability, Erica works in tandem with the occupants of Arch Nexus SAC to ensure continued authenticity and appropriate operation of their Certified Living Building (v3.0). She has gained invaluable experience and finds great joy in sharing her hands-on-expertise in sustainable operations. Attendees will learn about the operation and benefits of a living building as well as how to apply some of its principles into their own lives.

Erica McBride’s work with the living building, Arch Nexus, began in 2016 as an Operations and Facility Support Specialist for the firm’s Sacramento office, which, at the time, was pursuing Living Building Certification. She has operated the building and its systems since pre-occupancy in January 2017, and became the firm's Building Manager in October 2018.

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