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Monday Feb 8, 7-8:30 PM



Emotional Wellness: Mindfulness with Abigail Atkinson

Emotional Wellness

“Did you spend all of January living in your unwashed sweats, crying into a bowl of ranch-flavored kale chips and stalking your ex on Facebook? Well, who could blame you? 2020 was tougher than elephant skin, and many of us are feeling the emotional effects. Maybe the unrest of the past year has left you mistrusting yourself, the world, and your own power. But who wants to spend time there? Instead, hang out with me for a bit and tune into a world of emotional resilience. A place you can explore tools that fortify your emotional body and heart.” -Abigail Atkinson

You are more than just a physical body. Your emotional body is welcome here too. In this workshop, you’ll learn ways to nourish your emotional centers with tried and true practices like:
+ Meditation
+ Breath work
+ Movement
+ Herbal remedies
+ Essential oils
Each participant will receive a guidebook and gift bag to support you on your emotional wellness journey.

Abigail is a Nutritional Herbalist and Adaptive Yoga Teacher. Her journey of health transformation began after suffering a stroke in 2012. Life was suddenly topsy turvy. She lost the ability to walk and her balance, coordination and vision went kaput. With her health in dire straits, it was time for a return to well-being.

Healing and recovering became Abigail’s number one priority, so she spent the last eight years figuring out the best yoga & Ayurveda practices to live whole in her post-stroke body. She discovered how medicinal plants and foods can support energy, sleep, brain function, and the immune system. She learned how to modify her yoga & meditation practice to suit the needs of her post-stroke body. This empowered Abigail to forge her own path to wellness rather than relying solely on doctors and drugs.
Now, Abigail is dedicated to helping others unleash their innate health and vitality by sharing the strategies that changed her life. She loves making herbal nutrition & yoga accessible to all people. She believes everyone deserves access to wellness support and a seat at the yoga table, regardless of ability or challenges. Abigail does customized herbal coaching, wellness workshops, adaptive yoga sessions, and yoga teacher training.

Abigail lives in Orem, Utah with her husband and four of their eight children. When she’s not practicing yoga, you can find her in the kitchen brewing up herb-infused recipes, hiking and playing in nature, or immersed in her latest favorite wellness book.

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