Benefits of Hot Pilates

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Hot Pilates is a full body aerobic workout offered at Brick Canvas Fitness. It has all of the high-energy fun of Pilates, but with the added benefit of heat and humidity!

Heat Is Therapeutic and Beneficial

Heat therapy has been used for centuries. When the body is heated, the blood vessels dilate, which increases blood flow. Hot Pilates increases flexibility and warms your muscles, which reduces the risk of injury. It’s especially beneficial for lower back pain and muscle aches.

Heat Increases Your Metabolism

The heat in our hot room increases your heart rate, even before you become aerobically exerted. This turns a regular Pilates class into a more intense, cardio-infused workout. The benefits for the entire cardiovascular system are increased; you will see the improvement of blood flow, heart rate, and the amount of calories burned.

Hot Pilates Builds Core Strength

Pilates works your core--abdominal and back muscles--specifically and deliberately. A weak core can often cause tightness in your lower back muscles, and a spine that isn’t correctly aligned. To improve the alignment of your spine, you must work to create strong, healthy muscles in your core. Increasing your core strength will help you achieve a strong posture, and lessen the tightness in your lower back.

Hot Pilates Builds Focus and Positivity

The heat adds intensity. During your workout, when you’re sweating and breathing, lifting and lunging, you’ll feel the need to stop; but you won’t. You’ll be filled with determination and focus, your desire to finish fueled by your inner strength. When you do succeed, you’ll feel the benefits of pushing through, and that will show you just what you’re capable of. This positive mindset will reach into all aspects of your life!

Happy, Healthy, and Feels Good

Hot Pilates causes happy endorphins to rush through your body, just like any of the classes offered here at Brick Canvas Fitness. Come make a fitness class the best part of your day! Check out our website for more information, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.