5 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care at Home.

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

We’re welcoming in a new year and a new decade! That’s exciting! To start this year feeling more fresh and connected to yourself, we put together some things that you can be doing at home to take time for yourself.

Here are five simple ways to practice self-care at home and make life even more enjoyable:

Establish a Morning Routine

This one can be hard, especially with kids, but it can help give you a jump start to a successful and positive day. It doesn’t mean you need to wake up at the crack of dawn and complete all of your chores for the day; It could be as simple as taking ten minutes to write out your thoughts in a journal while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee, or going on a short morning walk.


Give yourself some quiet time and a moment to pause. Tune in to your breathing, or enjoy a yoga class for some moving meditation. Whichever it may be, tuning in to this energy will easily help your spirits rise and clear your mind.


One great thing to add to your morning or nightly routine is a “dump” journal. If you feel your head is clouded with all of your thoughts from the day, writing it all down will help clear up some of that space. Grab a journal and write down whatever comes to mind. It could be random thoughts, quotes that inspire you, or even dreams - just get writing!

Diffusing Oils

There’s nothing like diffusing some mood-boosting essential oils throughout your home. They can make a huge difference at home or in the work space. Citrus essential oils are great for this, and can even help purify the air.

Spa or At-Home Facials

If you don’t have time to make an appointment for a day at the spa, then try an at-home facial. Grab your favorite skincare products and take ten minutes to fully cleanse, moisturize, and care for your skin.

Dedicating some time for yourself can really help change your mood and overall outlook on life. You will find that it gives you more energy, motivation, and the drive to care more for others as well. When you dedicate time to fill your cup, you will definitely notice the benefits.