Stay Aligned with Restorative Rolling

Having a body that is aligned correctly is essential to having an efficient metabolism, improving posture and reducing pain. When your body is aligned, you not only feel better, but move easier and are generally healthier.

A great way to keep your body aligned is by adding Restorative Rolling to your fitness regimen. Rolling regularly helps to lubricate your joints and reduce inflammation. It works wonders on fascia by breaking up the thickness and density that builds up in the connective tissues.

Now you’re probably thinking, what is fascia? Fascia is a thin layer of connective tissue that encases your body under your skin, like a wetsuit. It is wrapped around every muscle, joint and organ. Fascia can thicken and harden, which causes all sorts of structural and alignment issues in the body. For example, when you have a stiff shoulder, it isn’t a result of damage to the muscle, but a hardening or thickening of the fascia around the shoulder muscles and joints.

Injuries, stress, poor posture, poor flexibility, working out and repetitive movements can pull the fascia into ingrained patterns and cause it to become dense and tight. The good news is that your fascia is incredibly malleable and has awesome self-healing abilities.

Rolling regularly improves circulation throughout your entire body, which helps to oxygenate the blood, boost lymphatic drainage and flush toxins from the body. Toxins tend to get trapped in the fascia when muscles are stressed and even when our minds are stressed!

Having healthy fascia is key to correct alignment, which will help you feel better overall.

At Brick Canvas Fitness, we offer a few different times for our Restorative Rolling class. Feel free to check out our class schedule here. We hope to see you soon!

- Shared by our Bikram Yoga/Restorative Rolling Instructor, Amy Shawgo

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