The Benefits of an Organic Juice Cleanse

Updated: Jan 25

Juice cleanses are popular for their healthy benefits. Our cafe offers a juice cleanse that consists of 6 organic juices and one juice shot packed with vitamins and nutrients. If you are thinking about giving it a try, here are a few reasons why a juice cleanse might be a great addition to your healthy habits!

Why is juice good for you?

Juicing is a fast way to give your body essential nutrients. Fruits and veggies have lots of fiber. When you eat them raw, your digestive system works harder to process those foods. Juicing removes that fiber, so it’s much easier for your body to digest and absorb those nutrients. If you seem to have a tough time eating your recommended daily amounts of fruits and veggies, juicing is a great way to sneak them into your diet.

Many people do juice cleanses to lose weight. It’s important to remember that any juice cleanse weight loss you see is mostly just water weight. When you start eating solid foods again, that weight can return. Juicing is mainly used to give your digestive system a chance to rest and reset.

What are the benefits of our juices?

Juices included in a cleanse should offer a lot of variety. At Brick Canvas, our juices are all organic with enough fruits and vegetables to give your body ample nutrients.

  • Celery juice is anti-inflammatory and very alkaline which helps neutralize your stomach acids. It works as a natural laxative and can also help relax nerves that may be damaged due to unhealthy lifestyle and food choices.

  • The 100% Pure juice includes oranges, apples, carrots and turmeric which are immune boosting nutrients that help ease inflammation and provide antioxidants.

  • Clean Green includes cucumbers, kale, spinach, chard, apples, lime, ginger, chlorophyll, and coconut water. It helps aid in digestion, promotes weight loss, and because it provides vitamins A, B6, and C. Which makes it a great immunity booster!

  • Charcoal Lemonade helps eliminate toxins from the body, promotes weight loss and a healthy heart and kidneys.

  • The Hot Pink is an excellent source of potassium and other minerals. It cleanses the blood and liver, lowers blood pressure, and reduces damage from free radicals.

  • Nut Milk provides energy and is a great source of vitamin E which aids in immunity and promotes healthy skin and eyes.

When should I do a juice cleanse?

During a juice cleanse, you replace your meals with fresh juices. Some people cleanse for a day or two. Others cleanse for a week or longer. Check with your medical provider first to ensure that you have no underlying conditions that could cause adverse effects.

A juice cleanse is one of the many ways to enhance the benefits of a healthy diet! Our organic juice combos are prepared fresh and made to order.