Tips for Mindfulness While Working Out

Finding flow in a world full of distractions takes some effort. You may discover that changing how you exercise can inspire more mindfulness and more workout satisfaction. Here's how to do that during your workout.

1. Have a Purpose for Each Workout

Having a purpose will give you something to focus on, something to work for and something you can feel good about. Make a plan and mindfully workout with a purpose!

  • Finish your planned workout—don’t give up. Finish to the end.

  • Strengthen specific muscles—focus on working all the muscles in my lower body.

  • Challenge yourself— focus on working harder or enduring a plank for a minute longer.

  • Work out for a certain period of time or burn a certain number of calories

  • Work on a specific area of fitness—such as cardio to burn calories and build endurance.

2. Remember the Why

If you find yourself rushing through your workout and thinking of all the things you should be doing instead, remember to focus on the why! After all, it is the why that will power you through!

  • This workout will help me have more energy for my day.

  • I'll feel really good about myself if I finish my workout.

  • I'll sleep better tonight after this workout.

  • I deserve to take care of myself and exercise is part of that.

  • I'll feel much less stressed if I exercise.

3. Slow Down

Remember, you set this time aside specifically for your workout, so give yourself permission to actually do it. Take your time with each activity, each movement, particularly strength training exercises. Focus on your form, on the upward motion and the downward motion. Think about your posture, your core, and the rest of your body, including the muscles you are targeting. Focus on feeling your muscles contract and then relax. See just how much you can get out of your exercise time.

4. Remind Yourself to Breathe

Breathing is the simplest way to deal with stress and bring you to​ the current moment. If your mind wanders during your workout or you keep watching the clock, close your eyes and take a deep cleansing breath to bring yourself back to the moment. You're exercising right now and that's all you have to do. You'll deal with the rest when it's time.

5. End on a Good Note

Give yourself a moment to cool down, stretch, and lie down at the end of the workout for a final pause and relaxation. Remember all the good things about the workout and how good it feels when you're done. Give yourself positive affirmations and tell yourself “I love a good challenge!” or “I crushed today’s workout!” You worked hard and you deserve it!

Fitness members at Brick Canvas have access to a wide variety of fitness classes from straightforward cardio workouts to group fitness classes and our favorite; yoga in the hot room. Whichever class you choose, we will encourage you to incorporate mindfulness practices while working out.

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