Benefits of POUND

1. Ripstick Green—The color of our ripstick was more than just a pantone color. The human eye sees more shades of green than any other color, making it the most visible color in the world. That’s way a traffic light is green. So, next time you’re in class wondering why it’s so easy to follow along, you’ll know why. 

2. Drumming & Your Brain—Precession and a rapid beat have been linked to increased focus, higher-level thinking and enhanced decision-making skills by altering brain flood and brainwave frequencies. 

3. AUDIO-PHYSIO WHAT? By design, the Pound workout at Brick Canvas Fitness enhances brain-body connections through the synchronization of the motor and auditory systems and audio-physio reinforcement. Hearing your body’s strike timing, amplitude, quality and symmetry gives immediate feedback on the effectiveness of each movement. 

4. SECRET SQUATS—Thanks to Pound’s innovative class structure, participants focus on becoming part of the music. You can perform up to 800 squats & lunges and thousands of ripstick strikes without even knowing it. 

5. COMMUNAL DRUMMING—Communal drumming has been proven to build community and increase group happiness. Through its inclusive environment, Pound at Brick Canvas Fitness puts focus on human connection, bringing humans together to create unity, break barriers and Pound as one.