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Bikram Yoga is a beginning hot yoga practice, beginning meaning safe, not easy. This class consists of 26 postures and 2 (26/2) breathing exercises. Postures are performed in a specific sequence every class.

Bikram 90

Increase your energy, mental acuity, strength and flexibility in this therapeutic 90 minute designed to be a daily routine to open, strengthen, and heal your body and mind. Are you ready to feel reenergized, refreshed, empowered, balanced, and ready to take on life like a boss? Grab a 90 minute class today.
* All levels welcome. Heated.

Bikram 60

Get the therapeutic benefits of Bikram Yoga 90 and the challenge of a slightly faster pace and less rest time. Feel accomplished, strong, cleansed and energized…ready to take on your day.
* All levels welcome. Heated.

Bikram Yoga


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