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Brick Canvas


Bring your mat, a favorite blanket or 2, an eye pillow, and any plant or stone allies, and get ready to step into the portal and energy of Spiritual INITIATION!

Date & Time: Monday, June 19th | 6-8:00PM

Location: Brick Canvas, Loft

Price: $30 per person

Instructor: Kathleen House & Ruston Jones

Shamanic Breathwork

with Kathleen & Ruston

Shamanic Breathwork is a form of breathwork that combines various elements of shamanism and psychotherapy to facilitate a deeper connection with the self and the spiritual realm. The circular breathing technique involved in Shamanic Breathwork is said to create a non-ordinary state of consciousness that allows practitioners to access deeper levels of their psyche and access their inner wisdom.

The practice involves lying down and breathing in a circular rhythm for an extended period of time, while focusing on the breath and allowing any emotions or sensations to arise and be released. Many people report experiencing a range of physical, emotional, and spiritual sensations during the practice, such as tingling, euphoria, and even visions.

Shamanic Breathwork is often used as a tool for personal growth, healing, and transformation. It can help individuals release emotional blockages, connect with their intuition and inner wisdom, and gain insights into their lives and purpose.

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