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Shine Teacher Training




Nikki Ostler E-RYT500

Becky Childs E-RYT500

200 hour

Tuition Options



$500 Deposit due upon registration (applied towards tuition)



Must be paid in full by December 1

$500 Deposit due upon registration (applied towards tuition)



Must be paid in full by December 1

$500 Deposit due upon registration (applied towards tuition)

  • Nikki and Becky, seasoned yoga instructors, bring a wealth of experience to SHINE Yoga School Teacher Training. Having successfully led numerous teacher training sessions in Utah, they draw upon years of collaboration with various schools to craft a program that reflects their unique vision and purpose. Their collective passion and dedication culminated in the creation of a yoga school that resonates with their values, centered around spirituality and connection with God.

    At SHINE, our vinyasa-based yoga intensive teacher training is designed to make each pose accessible to diverse body types, catering to individual health and healing needs. We firmly believe that yoga is for every BODY and EVERYBODY.

    Throughout the program, participants will not only refine their understanding of yoga poses but also deepen their connection to self and others. Strengthening the body goes hand in hand with cultivating a healthier relationship with oneself. As you progress, experience a heightened sense of calm, gaining mastery over your thoughts and emotions while connecting with your Divine self and to God.

    Whether your aspiration is to teach or enhance your personal practice, SHINE provides a comprehensive exploration of proper technique, alignment, and the sequencing of Asana. Delve into the transformative impact of the eight limbs of yoga on easing into a more harmonious life, and be equipped to support others on their journey.

    Nikki and Becky's passion for yoga is evident in the positive transformations it has brought to their own lives, both physically and spiritually. They aspire to share this illuminating experience with their students, guiding them to shine brighter each week as they progress through their training. Nikki and Becky pledge their time and hearts to each student's journey, dedicating themselves to the meticulous crafting of the curriculum in this manual. Let's embark on this life-changing journey, one Sun Salutation at a time. XOXO

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