What's a Vichy Body Scrub?

One of the most unique services we offer is our Vichy Body Scrub. We have a special room specifically for this treatment with overhead showers over your table. Here are some things to know : 

1. Yes, there is a shower but no we won't get your hair wet! Our showerheads are specifically placed over our table to hit the body at certain points without drenching your hair or face. 

2. Your therapist can adjust the temperature to whatever you would like! 

3. Your body will be completely relaxed and your skin will feel as soft as butter !

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6 Massage Upgrades

Brick Canvas Spa offers 6 upgrades that make your massage just that much better. 

1. Ashiatsu

The therapists use their feet in order to smoothly glide getting a deeper massage with less pressure.

2. Hot Stones 

 Warmed stones are used in tight spot to help relieve pressure with less effort.

3. Dry Brush

Using a soft bristled brush, dry brushing removes dead skin cells, boosts your immunity, and supports your lymphatic system.

4. Paraffin Wax

 A warm oil based wax that provides relief to dry,cracked skin.

5. Hand/Foot Scrub

 Exfoliates & flushes out blood cells reducing swelling and aches & pains.

6. Hot Mud

Used for specific problem areas, hot mud draws out toxins leaving your body feeling healed and relaxed.