6 Massage Upgrades

Brick Canvas Spa offers 6 upgrades that make your massage just that much better. 

1. Ashiatsu

The therapists use their feet in order to smoothly glide getting a deeper massage with less pressure.

2. Hot Stones 

 Warmed stones are used in tight spot to help relieve pressure with less effort.

3. Dry Brush

Using a soft bristled brush, dry brushing removes dead skin cells, boosts your immunity, and supports your lymphatic system.

4. Paraffin Wax

 A warm oil based wax that provides relief to dry,cracked skin.

5. Hand/Foot Scrub

 Exfoliates & flushes out blood cells reducing swelling and aches & pains.

6. Hot Mud

Used for specific problem areas, hot mud draws out toxins leaving your body feeling healed and relaxed.