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Brick Canvas
Pastel Swirl

Date & Time: May 19th | 7-8:30PM

Location: Brick Canvas, Loft

Price: $20 per person or $35 for two

Instructor: Hannah Cross


A Somatic Healing Ceremony

This ritual induces an expanded state of consciousness during which inner-wisdom may be accessed and later integrated into life post-ceremony. The event will open with an intention-setting circle and close with an integration sharing circle.
A guided process will be offered by the facilitator after the opening circle that will help participants connect with their bodies, emotional world, and life path. Participants will then wear blindfolds, providing a sensory deprivation experience that allows them to connect deeply with themselves and move in whichever way they are inspired to a carefully curated musical journey.

Many participants have reported emotional breakthroughs, a sense of mysticism, anti-depressant effects, and self-love, as a result of this deep, yet safe, process.

Attendees should prepare by contemplating their intention for this healing event and inner journey. The intention can be clarified by journaling, optionally, about their relationship to that intention. They should dress comfortably and understand that there will be almost an hour of time during the event that they will be invited to move freely in the space.



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