How to prepare for your event at The Loft

1 Destress with a massage with your exclusive pricing at Sage Leaf Salon & Spa

2 Bikram Yoga will help you stay fit and calm, perfect for your upcoming wedding!

3 Of course, Sage Leaf Salon & Spa can complete your entire look with the hair and makeup of your dreams.

4 Throw a bridal party lunch, or a planning meeting for your event at Fraiche Cafe


How to make your day at Sage Leaf Salon & Spa last the whole day

1 Choose a combination package in the spa, try a massage & facial!

2 Leave with a coffee or steamer from Fraiche Cafe to keep the comfort going. 

3 Come to a Bikram Yoga class before you massage for ultimate muscle health


How to extend your self care after Bikram Yoga

1 Tell Fraiche Cafe to have your fresh pressed juice ready as soon as your class is out. It will be. 

2 Book a massage after class at Sage Leaf Salon & Spa


How to make lunch an event at Fraiche Cafe

1 Get your hair done at Sage Leaf Salon & Spa, order food, and eat it while being pampered!

2 Get a juice before Bikram Yoga, and a healthy quinoa salad after. 

3 In hurry? call ahead to order. We want to make you happy.