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Brick Canvas

Please bring:

Attendees should dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat, pillow or bolster, and water.

Date & Time: October 11th | 7-8:00PM

Location: Brick Canvas, Loft

Price: $20 per person or 2/$35

Instructor: Hollee Vance

Activate Your Vagus Nerve

with Hollee Vance

The class will review practices including gargling, ear stimulation, breathing techniques, physiological response to music, physical movement, and the benefit of natural responses (laughing, humming, chanting). Attendees can expect to increase their capacity to deal with difficult situations along with relieving the symptoms of stress and overwhelm.


Vagus Nerve Instructor

Hollee Mae is a Balance and Wellness Consultant certified through the Chopra Center. She is passionate about providing education and awareness for those seeking to enhance their life. She believes that by honoring and nurturing our mind-body system we can improve the overall quality of our life, while also strengthening our foundation through simple daily practices.

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