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Rest and Restore

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Taught by Loren Hawks & Megan Mecham

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Yin Yoga is a slow-moving, soothing, and calming style of yoga.

Back by popular demand! Join us for an absolutely magical and unforgettable evening as we continue to explore together the essentials and foundational therapeutic soothing postures of Yin Yoga with master teachers Megan Mecham and Loren Hawks, followed by a deeply meditative and transformational sound bath therapy session.


In this special class, we will utilize the grounding Yin Yoga Asanas to explore the Energetic System within the body known as the Chakra System and how it relates and correlates to overall mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well being. All levels and abilities welcome and encouraged to attend!


This calming and relaxing yoga practice will allow you to connect deeply within yourself in a blissful conscious state. At the end of the class an intentional Sound Bath with cleanse, purify, re-energize, and revitalize your entire Chakara system and subtle energy body.


This event will take place in our beautiful hot studio room lit with candles, so wear proper yoga attire and bring your yoga mat and towel. Cold Organic Lemonade, and delicious grounding light refreshments to follow! A not to be missed event!



Yin Yoga is a slow-moving, soothing, and calming style of yoga that incorporates principles of traditional Chinese medicine where the practitioner holds passive and relaxing yoga postures for an extended time. By leaning into these sensations, this style of yoga targets the deep connective tissues, bones, joints, fascia, and ligaments in the body. Yin is a beautiful compliment to a more active and muscular focused Yang Yoga practice, and helps to balance and align the body systems. The benefits of a Yin Yoga practice are many and not limited to reducing stress, increasing circulation, reducing tension, improving flexibility, increasing circulation, and encouraging mindfulness and meditation. Additionally, Yin Yoga can lead to greater physiological and psychological well-being. 

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Sound Bath healing therapy rejuvenates the body by realigning the cells and atoms to their true vibrational frequencies. For thousands of years, the world over, sound has been used to promote healing and create deep states of well-being and relaxation. A complete immersion experience will help you feel balanced. It will calm the mind, relieve tension and stress from the body and leave you feeling renewed and rejuvenated.



Date: Saturday, December 3, 2022

Rest and Restore

Time: 7-8:00 PM

​Tickets: $20 per ticket or $35 for 2

Teacher: Loren Hawks & Megan Mecham

Location: Hot Room

Register: Online or call 801-407-8620



Megan discovered yoga over 20 years ago as a teen.  At first, she went to class for the physical aspects of the practice. As her physical practice evolved, she began finding how yoga was beneficial for not only the physical body, but the mind and soul.

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