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Brick Canvas
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Please bring:

Bring your yoga mat, bolster, blanket and wear comfortable white clothing. All levels are welcome.

Date & Time: March 17th | 7-8:30PM

Location: Brick Canvas, Loft

Price: $20 per person or $35 for two

Instructor: Mariah & Grace

Kundalini Yoga:

Rebirthing Spring Equinox Workshop

The combination of Kundalini Rebirthing Kriya, mantra chanting, Pranayama, and meditation creates a comprehensive and transformative experience for participants. 


The focus on releasing the subconscious and overcoming obstacles is a powerful intention for the Spring Equinox, which represents new beginnings and fresh starts. 


All levels are welcome, which ensures that anyone can benefit from the event regardless of their experience level. This is an amazing opportunity to connect with oneself and start the Spring Equinox off on the right foot!

Tea will be served at the end of the workshop and a small gift will be given out to all participants!

Mariah & Grace

Sound Bath Instructor

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