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Suitable for all levels of fitness and can be modified.

Class Description

BC SHRED class offers a well-rounded workout that incorporates different aspects of fitness, including strength, speed, and cardiovascular endurance. The class is suitable for all levels of fitness and can be modified, meaning that everyone can participate and work at their own pace. Come prepared with water and good running shoes, as staying hydrated and having appropriate footwear is important for any workout. The variety of equipment used in the class, such as treadmills, ski ergs, weight equipment, rowers, and more, is a great way to keep things interesting and challenge different muscle groups. The BC SHRED class is a great option for anyone looking for a challenging and well-rounded workout that can be adapted to their fitness level.

Cancellation Policy

NEW Late Cancel & No Show Policy Please note that our NEW Late Cancel & No Show Policy will apply to all fitness classes: You must CANCEL your class at least 6 hours before your class starts to avoid a fee. Classes canceled within 6 hours will be charged a LATE CANCEL fee of $15. A missed class will be charged a NO SHOW fee of $20, this includes late cancellations within one hour. Need help? Please contact us directly at 801-407-8620 so we may assist you. We value your cooperation in helping us create a fair and organized scheduling system that benefits all guests!

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