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Brick Canvas


Elevate Body and Soul. Discover Kundalini Yoga!

Class Description

The Kundalini Yoga classes at Brick Canvas are a wonderful blend of spiritual and physical practices designed to promote both physical vitality and increased consciousness. The use of movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation, and chanting of mantras can create a unique and uplifting experience that promotes both physical and mental wellness. Classes aim to build physical vitality while also increasing consciousness. This suggests that the practice may have benefits beyond just physical fitness, such as reducing stress and anxiety, improving mental clarity, and promoting spiritual growth. Kundalini Yoga classes at Brick Canvas are a great option for individuals looking to try a unique and uplifting form of yoga that combines physical movement with spiritual practices. The classes can provide a holistic approach to wellness and can benefit individuals in many ways, including physical fitness, mental well-being, and spiritual growth

Cancellation Policy

NEW Late Cancel & No Show Policy Please note that our NEW Late Cancel & No Show Policy will apply to all fitness classes: You must CANCEL your class at least 6 hours before your class starts to avoid a fee. Classes canceled within 6 hours will be charged a LATE CANCEL fee of $15. A missed class will be charged a NO SHOW fee of $20, this includes late cancellations within one hour. Need help? Please contact us directly at 801-407-8620 so we may assist you. We value your cooperation in helping us create a fair and organized scheduling system that benefits all guests!

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